84 a weekend cooking project

I was inspired today to make corn and crab cakes…because i had green tomatoes…so i also made some pimiento cheese as an appy.

While we snack on that, im attempting green tomatoes in the air fryer…

I also made crab cakes in the air fryer

With some dilled cucs

It was a nice project!!!!

Be our guest be our guest

So some of you may have noticed my plates, serveware, cookware, is mostly le creuset.

So unbenownst to me williams Sonoma had a limited edition piece like none ive seen so far.  

And today it arrived:

So…..opinions please.  This is a pan i have wanted for a while, the price is inflate due to limited edition, do i use it? Keep it on “display”? Or sell it?  The prices are already up on ebay:-p