Grilled cheese wednesday

Been out of town (those posts to come) so trying to eat light and get life back in track.

Grilled cheese and salad

Portabella and brie…needs something! The brie isnt salty so it really needed a touch of salt

 Beans, green lettuce, avocado, tomato, brie chunks, a few pepperonxini…some penzeys greek and tuscan blends with olive oil and tarragon white balsamic  
 Add some gluten free croutons 
  And here she is!  



Gluten free pizza and salad wednesday

Easy day with gluten free crust and a salad..   
Its not frozen but i love this anyway

Leftovers from last night…tastes like a feta but texture like a jack

Added some olive oul, sherry vinegar, an acocado, olives (leftover from pizza) and some italian broad beans with penzeys greek seasoning (i love it!) 


#pulsepledge 4 days in a row

Pulses day three

Coincidence…i had a plan inspired by kevins closet cooking but the only gluten free soy chorizo is the wrong texture…i havent made pasta in a bit so i went that route…

 First i gathered sauce ingredients:

Elephant garlic


 Gluten free pasta

Some cheese..i love this brand… Feta tastes like feta but the texture is more like jack

Salad parts:




With a canned speed it up:-)


Adzuki fried rice reenvisioned

Last nights leftover rice gets a new cibe with shrimp and bamboo shoots…with a side of stir fried kale and chard   

It needed more singapore to stir fry the shrimp in

And a dash of one of my new favorite things


Stir fried greens with bankok spice and red pepper flakes…elephant garlic, ginger, leftover orange pepper, and some mushrooms…veggie broth too

The shrimp get goingbwith the bamboo shoots and singapore spice


Yes, my akbar sushi pieces came to visit again


Sunday went a bit asian inspired

Ive been wanting to wrap everything in lettuce lately….so made tofu lettuce wraps, soft tofu salad, and a fried rice…   
Crumbled firm tofu with random veggies, garlic, fresh ginger, penzeys bankok spice blend..

Yes…we have a light out si pics are a pain…it tastes better than it looks.   The sauce is rice vinegar and the other side is low sodium tamari.

The fried rice has simmered adzuki beans (simmered in tamari) and random veg seasoned with penzeys singapore spice blend

The soft tofu salad

Te tin condiment bowls were from the akbar sushi set…   

Camachos–it ended up being a margarita friday afterall

After the wiarding world of harry potter, it was rime for friday mexican …

Camachos at citywalk is where i had my first shot of don julio real after a failed attempt to try the 1942.

Jim had veggie fajitas   
Lauras veggie taco (taco minus meat) and cheese enchilada

The sweet heat margarita

Jims round two was the heart of jalisco 

This is my Scratch margarita


Calabacitas sopes


Thats how we wound down friday….

“Cauliflower melt”

I get all kinds of food emails and i saw a cauliflower melt recipe that inspired me…….but i only had romanesco so i kinda did things my way…and roasted sliced romanesco, a bell (that was intended to be melted into the cheese) and the leftover florets.   

While they roasted…i toasted two slices of gluten free bread 

I decided that i liked the peppers that way with some cheese instead of on the melt.

I placed my slice of romanesco on the toasted bread a d covered with cheese and put back in the oven


And there she is…salad with balsamic and olive oil, my romanesco melt with roasted florets on the side and my cheesy pepper:-)