Valentines Day in Palm Springs

Our 18th valentines day…at pommes frites in palm springs    
  A favorite flemish ale:  

Prix fixe vday dinner

Beets napolean:

Shrimp salad

A yummy new beer:


Potato croquettes, filet, shrimp


Jims gluten free version with mashed instead of croquettes (the mashed has nutmeg…tasty)


Grand marnier creme brulee:




Gluten free mushroom grilled cheese with sauteed mushrooms

Im so so so behind…busy and sick and here i am (plus then i managed to clog the sink in the kitchen and that had to wait for the plumber since i failed at non invasive treatments!)

So with a counter full of goo and my sink back in operation i went simple.. Grilled cheese.

 I didnt catch pics of the bread label or the cheese (its my usual from northern california)…the bread is a new brand ive been trying out—this week the long cut was on sale.

  Mushrooms sautee with some olive oil, tamari, and worcesthire



  Nice hydroponic lettice leaves

  Butter beans with penzeys greek blend and olive oil with red wine vinegar