Mushroom/lentil/nut loaf returns

 The loaf still lives on and is incarnated into a pasta sauce tonight…

Cans of tomatoes and my favorite sliced portobellos which are on my Amazon subscription by the case…


Mix me up with spices of your choice

Crumble in some loaf


Cook up some gluten free pasta

She’s done


Add a side salad with the cutest little lettuces I buy at the farmers market

Gluten free focaccia from the Palm Springs steer fair with olive oil and balsamic wrap it all up



Green tomato and mushroom/nut burgers

I was watching tabouli on tv the night before I made this and was thinking what to do instead of bulgur ….so I searched my fridge and came up with this pretty salad of Italian parsley, cannelini beans, tomatoes, olive oil and lemon juice…a tad of red onion   

Oven fries coated with olive oils and franks red hot (a new kind with ginger in it and a sweetness)

Baking the lentil/mushroom/nut loaf while baking the burgers

Ian’s gluten free bread crumbs on the green tomatoes waiting to be oven fried



I totally forgot the brand of buns


The new spice pickles from vlassic 


Mushroom-nut loaf nights

Made a mushroom but loaf last night (which is one of my favorite roast like meaty dishes) and it was a fail in texture and was crumbly so today I took a piece of it and mushed it up with a little egg and a little grated cheese…   
  And made little mini meatloaves  
And the texture worked!  This ended up being the most meaty textured loaf I’ve made before

And gravy to go with the loaf and some potatoes 

The gravy was Powdered no chicken broth from whole foods bulk bins that I love with some tapioca starch stirred into olive oil.  I added a tad half and half and the rest was water…this worked out well and tasted good

My completed meatloaves

My pretty lettuce

The salad gets the tarragon vinegar and olive oil treatment

   Look close for the tiny cilantro micro greens which is code for coriander sprouts

Palm Springs eats revisited In December

 Back to Palm Springs for four days of work…so we eat….this is round one at blue coyote  

Crabmeat relleno for me

Carnitas for jim  


Right outside the door


Back to our fave…el mirasol and we are outside on the patio


This is a custom dish…it’s a shrimp with tomatillo sauce with Dona Diablo sauce added for some spice    

I think it is carnitas….

Flash forward to Wednesday and it’s our love Tropicale and our fav server remember Ed us and my Fiery Dragon low on the sweet


And a coconut martini for him of course

Gluten free pizza appy 


She so did not want her picture taken


Giant shrimp and a filet on potatoes….the least inspired dish I have ever had here



Some crazy ass snickers cake that was gluten free and quite yummy

Palm Springs street fair findings….and the sample was seriously spicy

Love this stuff


After the street fair it’s time for a trip to pommes frites…tres Belgique, non?

Always start with the affligem 


Not for the true vegs!!!!  Tar tar!   But it was yummy:-)


Next round saint bernarbus

My mussels with mustard cream sauce


And of course, the pommes frites with three sauces

Today’s eats…gyoro gyoro Encino location

I’m so behind everyone…work insanity, thanksgiving plus out of town work insanity.

But we are back and hit gyoro-gyoro izakaya on the way home from today’s outings.   We have been to the Palm Springs location a couple times…they have 150 restaurants in Tokyo and are venturing into the states….Japanese bar food.  
They are one of the few places that stock echigo rice beer which by default has no gluten


Yellowtail and jalapeño are on the daily happy hour menu:-)


Shishito!   On the happy hour menu too!   They are served with a Carmelites miso which was unique 


Veggie roll!

Uni hand roll    

Shiitake yakitori 

Rainbow roll


Kuroboto sausage yakitori and chicken liver yakitori…..and here we popped into meat eater zone.

Extra nice that yelp had a check in coupon of 5 dollars off every 25 dollars you spend