Leftovers Saturday (heading out for a couple days starting Monday so this fridge needs emptied asap)

Below is a tiny chanterelle and onion tart with a crust of dressing


The ever present avocado on my table

Leftover roasted veggies get mixed with cream and topped with leftover mashed potatoes to create the vegetable pie below  


My new favorite gluten free gravy mix plus mushrooms

And here it is!



Thanksgiving–grilled heritage bird, gluten free rolls, rainbow potatoes and more

Here is my heritage bird-about 10 pounds fed exed on ice by d’artagnan for Tuesday arrival   
You can already notice the physiological differences…look at the color of the legs and the size of the breasts vs a “normal” bird

  I bought a brine mix this year….and I won’t again….way too salty!  
Here she is on thanksgiving morning getting ready for the grill    
Breast side down she’s getting a brown on her undercarriage



She done and golden and moist after her upside down time as she rested
One of our two yummy cheeses held for this day.


So…the Cotswold celebrates our freedom from tyranny while still enjoying the food 🙂

I just tried these crackers for the first time yesterday and I love them!
Years old tradition 


Mixed dried mushrooms soaking to join the stuffing
Roasted roots  

Rainbow mashed potatoes

Top to bottom: sweet potato, ruby yam, German butterball, and waxy white each with his own spice

Lambrusco is the perfect pairing for thanksgiving (so Bon appetit told me) but people can only remember their mothers Lambrusco from the 70s but the new companies are far less sweet and have flavored to stand up to the varied and rich flavors of thanksgiving.   This one is new on us.

Table for two…note jims gluten free pumpkin pie in the rear left, deviled eggs and his cranberry relish next to the eggs

Heritage bird… This is way gamier than a store bought bird    
My gluten free yeasted dinner rolls

Well they have a great flavor but are small little hockey pucks with absolutely zero air in them
And that was the dinner for two….even made gluten free gravy….had the pie for dessert and then we napped

Food Club!

i was reading the new zingermans catalog today and saw the cheese of the month, olive oils of the month, sausage of the month, etc clubs…and I thought OMG we could have an ingredient of the month club!  Everyone could join a “of the month club,” or rotate choosing ingredients, or if they are local ingredients we can set a price limit and the chooser could ship to everyone and we take turns or whatever!

Being internet based, we could share pics and recipes each month in a yahoo group or blog or something…and if people live near each other they can do mini potlucks and share with each other and share pics and recipes!

I’m sure I am not the first person to think of it, but it’s totally knew to me and I’m excited and the first friend I told, Zinna, said “I’m in!”

We could theme a quarter like grains or brassicas , cakes, etc. or whatever we decided!

Who thinks it’s worth exploring!?!?  Maybe we call it “food friends” or “friends in food” 

Shrimp taco 

 beet slaw!  
My Spanish rice…yikes I was out of regular rice so this is wild rice and Japanese black rice cooked with spices and tomatoes…it’s actually quite yummy

Potatoes…sautĂ©ed in olive oil and spice…for potatoes tacos

Over marinated and cooked shrimps for shrimp tacos  
  I cut the base on the head and realized that it’s perfect for wraps so you can layer I. Your taco or make it into a taco without the tortilla  
Marinated carrots and radish and jalapeño

Background is avocado and o decided that this type doesn’t peel well so I gave us each a spoon to scoop


Beans, rice, potato, and shrimp

Mission Goethe free tortilla


I made him look happy!


One of my cooking helpers..

Penzey’s adventure 11/21

You get to see me spend the most I have ever spent in this store….even though I love this store….I have a project that requires 1/2 cup of 13 spices and spice jars and spices that I just needed or wanted. You will bear witness to my 11/21 Penzeys spice excursion:  

If you have never been to a store, they have jars of each spice for you to sniff and get a feel for the flavor notes  …they also have tissues because sometimes you sniff too much!  

 This is it:   This is my haul today! (Well the right half)7  
This is the left half of my haul!


Sushi Saturday 

We really like Nomura Sushi but it’s a little farther away than some other places.. But it’s very good.  

Sapporo Draft

They have Echigo which is nice rice beer that is gluten free–you have to ask, it’s not on the menu


You are always welcomed with a bowl of miso which we believe is not gluten free which means I get two.

It’s always pleasant at the sushi bar and we have always had great sushi chefs


Cucumber salad



Shishito made with tamari with the finest wiggly bonito flakes on top


Amberjack, sea breem, and octopus with shiso in that order.   The breem and octopus were really outstanding today.

This roll is yellowtail on top and yellowtail inside with shiso inside too!






Avocado roll to wind down


They always give you oranges with the check

One day we will Uber it there so we can really check out the house made pineapple infused sake.