Thanksgiving–grilled heritage bird, gluten free rolls, rainbow potatoes and more

Here is my heritage bird-about 10 pounds fed exed on ice by d’artagnan for Tuesday arrival   
You can already notice the physiological differences…look at the color of the legs and the size of the breasts vs a “normal” bird

  I bought a brine mix this year….and I won’t again….way too salty!  
Here she is on thanksgiving morning getting ready for the grill    
Breast side down she’s getting a brown on her undercarriage



She done and golden and moist after her upside down time as she rested
One of our two yummy cheeses held for this day.


So…the Cotswold celebrates our freedom from tyranny while still enjoying the food 🙂

I just tried these crackers for the first time yesterday and I love them!
Years old tradition 


Mixed dried mushrooms soaking to join the stuffing
Roasted roots  

Rainbow mashed potatoes

Top to bottom: sweet potato, ruby yam, German butterball, and waxy white each with his own spice

Lambrusco is the perfect pairing for thanksgiving (so Bon appetit told me) but people can only remember their mothers Lambrusco from the 70s but the new companies are far less sweet and have flavored to stand up to the varied and rich flavors of thanksgiving.   This one is new on us.

Table for two…note jims gluten free pumpkin pie in the rear left, deviled eggs and his cranberry relish next to the eggs

Heritage bird… This is way gamier than a store bought bird    
My gluten free yeasted dinner rolls

Well they have a great flavor but are small little hockey pucks with absolutely zero air in them
And that was the dinner for two….even made gluten free gravy….had the pie for dessert and then we napped


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