And day 97, t-3 to 100, is our usual margarita friday.

I defrosted some tilapia loin yesterday on accident so its getting used today. What to make, what to make…

First inspiration was refried black beans—i was home today so that was perfect. Alas, i have none, but i have a bounty of lentils. True to form those google searched resulted in a mexican inspired lentil salad.

Lentil salad with a red jalapeño hiding out in there for bite

We had mexican corn and zucchini

And a spice rubbed tilapia loin

And of course…margarita—-with our home grown grapefuit juice


Palm Springs eats revisited In December

 Back to Palm Springs for four days of work…so we eat….this is round one at blue coyote  

Crabmeat relleno for me

Carnitas for jim  


Right outside the door


Back to our fave…el mirasol and we are outside on the patio


This is a custom dish…it’s a shrimp with tomatillo sauce with Dona Diablo sauce added for some spice    

I think it is carnitas….

Flash forward to Wednesday and it’s our love Tropicale and our fav server remember Ed us and my Fiery Dragon low on the sweet


And a coconut martini for him of course

Gluten free pizza appy 


She so did not want her picture taken


Giant shrimp and a filet on potatoes….the least inspired dish I have ever had here



Some crazy ass snickers cake that was gluten free and quite yummy

Palm Springs street fair findings….and the sample was seriously spicy

Love this stuff


After the street fair it’s time for a trip to pommes frites…tres Belgique, non?

Always start with the affligem 


Not for the true vegs!!!!  Tar tar!   But it was yummy:-)


Next round saint bernarbus

My mussels with mustard cream sauce


And of course, the pommes frites with three sauces

Today’s eats…gyoro gyoro Encino location

I’m so behind everyone…work insanity, thanksgiving plus out of town work insanity.

But we are back and hit gyoro-gyoro izakaya on the way home from today’s outings.   We have been to the Palm Springs location a couple times…they have 150 restaurants in Tokyo and are venturing into the states….Japanese bar food.  
They are one of the few places that stock echigo rice beer which by default has no gluten


Yellowtail and jalapeño are on the daily happy hour menu:-)


Shishito!   On the happy hour menu too!   They are served with a Carmelites miso which was unique 


Veggie roll!

Uni hand roll    

Shiitake yakitori 

Rainbow roll


Kuroboto sausage yakitori and chicken liver yakitori…..and here we popped into meat eater zone.

Extra nice that yelp had a check in coupon of 5 dollars off every 25 dollars you spend

Thanksgiving–grilled heritage bird, gluten free rolls, rainbow potatoes and more

Here is my heritage bird-about 10 pounds fed exed on ice by d’artagnan for Tuesday arrival   
You can already notice the physiological differences…look at the color of the legs and the size of the breasts vs a “normal” bird

  I bought a brine mix this year….and I won’t again….way too salty!  
Here she is on thanksgiving morning getting ready for the grill    
Breast side down she’s getting a brown on her undercarriage



She done and golden and moist after her upside down time as she rested
One of our two yummy cheeses held for this day.


So…the Cotswold celebrates our freedom from tyranny while still enjoying the food 🙂

I just tried these crackers for the first time yesterday and I love them!
Years old tradition 


Mixed dried mushrooms soaking to join the stuffing
Roasted roots  

Rainbow mashed potatoes

Top to bottom: sweet potato, ruby yam, German butterball, and waxy white each with his own spice

Lambrusco is the perfect pairing for thanksgiving (so Bon appetit told me) but people can only remember their mothers Lambrusco from the 70s but the new companies are far less sweet and have flavored to stand up to the varied and rich flavors of thanksgiving.   This one is new on us.

Table for two…note jims gluten free pumpkin pie in the rear left, deviled eggs and his cranberry relish next to the eggs

Heritage bird… This is way gamier than a store bought bird    
My gluten free yeasted dinner rolls

Well they have a great flavor but are small little hockey pucks with absolutely zero air in them
And that was the dinner for two….even made gluten free gravy….had the pie for dessert and then we napped

Sushi Saturday 

We really like Nomura Sushi but it’s a little farther away than some other places.. But it’s very good.  

Sapporo Draft

They have Echigo which is nice rice beer that is gluten free–you have to ask, it’s not on the menu


You are always welcomed with a bowl of miso which we believe is not gluten free which means I get two.

It’s always pleasant at the sushi bar and we have always had great sushi chefs


Cucumber salad



Shishito made with tamari with the finest wiggly bonito flakes on top


Amberjack, sea breem, and octopus with shiso in that order.   The breem and octopus were really outstanding today.

This roll is yellowtail on top and yellowtail inside with shiso inside too!






Avocado roll to wind down


They always give you oranges with the check

One day we will Uber it there so we can really check out the house made pineapple infused sake.


Heritage turkey

i just crossed a line.

I only ordered a heritage turkey for the first time in life..:not just free range, not heirloom, but a free range heritage bird which is something I’ve wanted to do for a few years 

This bird cost as a much as a whole thanksgiving dinner.

When did I become the person that doesn’t flinch at an expensive turkey yet drives a car nearly 11 years old?

I will let you all know how it turns out because I will be posting my annual grilled turkey process and product as usual…