A new “meatloaf”, potato medley, green beans, gravy and biscuits – practice for tday


Lentils cooked with garlic and onions..a hint of tvp, some sunflower seeds and Worcestershire 


Add two eggs and a little cheese


Veggie “chicken broth” green beans and mushrooms


Gluten free drop biscuit recipe

I had to add extra liquid over what the recipe said…a lot more milk and olive oil (I had used butter in the recipe)


My new favorite potato recipe!  Yam, purple yam, white and German butterball


I tried the brown gravy mix and bought a case…this one is just to try it out


Phobulous Sunday 

It was sunny and warm today and then big black clouds rolled in and drizzled rain and the temp dropped to 60 (yup)….so it was time for want food for lunch.  Pho 999 to the rescue!   
I don’t have the gluten issue so I am free to have beer:-)

 We have just the shrimp…no pork.

Rice noodles and lettuce inside rice paper…no gluten here

I get the veggie and tofu pho

I told you it was cold…everything is better with some kick

Jim of course had beefy traditional pho…but had the veggie broth so it doesn’t taste as “beefy”……

Heritage turkey

i just crossed a line.

I only ordered a heritage turkey for the first time in life..:not just free range, not heirloom, but a free range heritage bird which is something I’ve wanted to do for a few years 

This bird cost as a much as a whole thanksgiving dinner.

When did I become the person that doesn’t flinch at an expensive turkey yet drives a car nearly 11 years old?

I will let you all know how it turns out because I will be posting my annual grilled turkey process and product as usual…

Cauliflower tater tots

Today’s inspiration was a recipe featured on the farm fresh to you Website….and I didn’t follow it (maybe I should have)….grate a whole head of cauliflower  
Add some breadcrumbs

I used two eggs, parsley, chipotle, paprika, 1 cup of grated cheese, leek

  Mix and form it…it felt really loose like it wouldn’t bind.  
  Recipe said bake at 350 for ten minutes then flip and bake ten minutes…mine were bigger and took much longer  
  Watercress salad with creamy peppercorn dressing

Needed a protein   
  So I had these guys in the freezer  
  Tiny sandwiches to go with the cauliflower bites and salad 

Everything gets roasted Wednesday!

Wednesday is clean out the produce day before tomorrow/tonight’s produce delivery.  And magically was inspired by an email from Bon Appetit today: Surprising roasted vegetables

What does the cabbage say?  “Roast me!”  

(I promise that I’ve only had one beer…)   
Leek, tomatoe, squash, broccoli, fennel and tomato…everything with its own penzey spice—curry for the squash, sea salt for fennel, tarragon for broccoli, roasted garlic on the tomato, and mural of flavor for the leek

I bought a case of these in my Amazon subscription this month so thought I’d roast them like I do garbanzos and cannelini 

Look good…olive oil and penzeys rogan josh blend

Fail!    They exploded in about five minutes so they got added to the original blight tomato sauce I was simmering with the San Marizanos below that Amazon sent instead of my subscription garbanzos today


The sauce tastes better with the addition of the beans …just not as attractive

Midway through:   

Almost final

I removed the broccoli and leaks, flipped the fennel and squash and gave the tomatoes a hint of Asiago/parm 

  This is how they looked on the platter (need to

Keep them heated for when Jim best home)  


This was better than I dreamed!

The sweet dumpling squash was perfect with curry and the fennel was excellent with just the sea salt.  The cabbage was also good and would be perfect with some roasted apple (and sausage if I was being flexitarian :-))….frankly it was all good…..when I was 14 I thought I was cutting edge because I broiled everything—tomatoes, grapefruit…now I realize I was just on the verge of becoming a roasting fan.  I’m serious that roasting may be better than grilling…so I’m guessing that I need to start trying to grill my veggies low and slow..

Worry not friends…roasted turkey will not replace my  grilled bird for tday!

Sistema! (It’s still on theme right?)

About a week after beginning to bring oatmeal for us for breakfast In our sistema microwave bowls, with the tiny condiment containers for honey and yogurt (I’ve fallen in love with trader joes low fat vanilla yogurt….it’s so yummy),  I made the plunge and added breakfast bowls and salad things

Built in dressing  container    
Here is yogurt and dried cranberries and granola packed for tomorrow


I also have the tiny squeeze bottles which I loaded one with tamari so we have it handy in the car for when we hit a sushi restaurant that doesn’t have one.

I don’t think I will add more pieces….unless like an all purpose lunch container that’s not for salad….

El Cholo, Los Angeles, the original

 It’s been like 20 years since I have been to El Cholo…near USC it used to be a frequent place to eat…I swear to this day I sat at the table next to George Takei one night…but I digress…

Returning from the doll show in Orange County Sunday and I was mulling over non valley spots to dine and then the 101 was closed north of the 10 which caused the 5 to get gnarly causing me to hop on the 10 and el cholo became the obvious choice…

I’ve always loved the original menus on display with 1920s prices (no pics today, but like a nickel for a taco…)

I got the Cadillac which is made from a house bottled mix (which they sell)

And Jim got the pineapple-Serrano.  This puppy had a nice burn on the way down

Enchilada mariscos for me….lobster scallop and shrimp with a nice sauce

Jim got the “special” mariscos fajitas 

(Did you notice the green rice)


This is Jim looking sad because we missed the seasonal green corn tamale by a week  

If you have ever been to el cholo, you know they wrap up the meal with house made pralines


Nice flashbacks today from my earlier years ūüôā

Check them out online Elcholo.com


Game of thrones risk and snacks…gluten free vegetarian finger sandwiches I might add.

Friends coming for Game of Thrones Risk!  Snacks needed!  So obviously I chose to try out gluten free finger sandwiches…duh

It’s been years since I slaves over finger sandwiches slowly to ensure perfect shapes and filling and slicing without glopping, etc

Not Saturday…this was all about efficiency and flavor…not beauty (I and I swear I’m missing pics..,)   
The sandwiches picture here were made using 1 loaf of Udi’a bread (the small 6 dollar loaf not the big 12 dollar loaf)…but the bread has a very uneven top crust making cutting the sandwiches without too much waste difficult so the shapes are not uniform.

Above is pictured the grated carrot, curry, and some hot Indian spices…I loved it!
Also involved was cucumber dill, and my favorite-olive.  The loaf of Udi’s made precisely 6 sandwiches…two of each type which were cut into thirds

The typical veggie tray with an appearance by some Tokyo turnips


Creamy peppercorn dressing with penzeys spice base…and some cream cheese stuffed celery with a penzeys chipotle sprinkle
Yup…an attempt at pinwheels with Mission gluten free tortillas….garlic spinach cream cheese, and avocado/onion sprout/cream cheese…

Maria and Ryan brought a nice Espelon blanco tequila and Bloody Mary mix for a nice bloody Maria 


Sometime in the middle I broke free of the bloody Maria and Ryan and I shared my Stone vertical epic 12-12-12 that I have been clutching.

Jim and Maria were well and truly into the game even though Jim won..

Ryan was the first man out and spent time with his secret Ryan notebook.

Breakfast for dinner

Home alone tonight so I made the perfect dinner (since no one was here to share it)…meatless sausage, 4 potato fries potatoes, gluten free biscuits and perfectly fried eggs.   
  Hmmm…my biscuits look over town in the pic but nicely light brown at home.  
I remembered I had some gluten free fake meat at home so decided to make it into sausage

I added two eggs (should have been one egg and a little water), a little tvp to stretch it (wasn’t a ton left in the bag), fresh sage, Penzeys mural of flavor, marjoram and let it rest. Patties it became!

The egg kinda yellowed at the top so I flipped them and cooked the other sized then flipped again and the top was far less yellow

The original idea had been to make waffles so I had the last of the better batter mix out when I shifted gears to biscuits

So they are slightly dry for drop biscuits but I’m still not too skilled with gluten free baking so I rolled with it since I used more liquid than the directions said to

I threw in some shredded cheese and Penzeys mural of flavor

Next my four potato fries potatoes

Purple yam



And a German butterball
I have never made fired potatoes that didn’t stick before!  Low and slow…I finally get it


The eggs were just like I love them…white was cooked and yoke was runny with the base slightly thickened

Sushi Sunday 

we are way behind in our usual sushi consumption and after our lunch date stood us up….I figure let’s have some sushi!

   Cho Cho San is super close to our house and tasty and busy enough to justify their goodness
 For starters we had shishitos without soy sauce

And Hokkaido scallop carpaccio

Followed by spicy scallop hand roll

Black snapper

  A “hurricane” roll
And sashimi sampler

  And bam!  Saw people we knew at the sushi bar