Breakfast for dinner

Home alone tonight so I made the perfect dinner (since no one was here to share it)…meatless sausage, 4 potato fries potatoes, gluten free biscuits and perfectly fried eggs.   
  Hmmm…my biscuits look over town in the pic but nicely light brown at home.  
I remembered I had some gluten free fake meat at home so decided to make it into sausage

I added two eggs (should have been one egg and a little water), a little tvp to stretch it (wasn’t a ton left in the bag), fresh sage, Penzeys mural of flavor, marjoram and let it rest. Patties it became!

The egg kinda yellowed at the top so I flipped them and cooked the other sized then flipped again and the top was far less yellow

The original idea had been to make waffles so I had the last of the better batter mix out when I shifted gears to biscuits

So they are slightly dry for drop biscuits but I’m still not too skilled with gluten free baking so I rolled with it since I used more liquid than the directions said to

I threw in some shredded cheese and Penzeys mural of flavor

Next my four potato fries potatoes

Purple yam



And a German butterball
I have never made fired potatoes that didn’t stick before!  Low and slow…I finally get it


The eggs were just like I love them…white was cooked and yoke was runny with the base slightly thickened



  1. Brittany Funk · November 10, 2015

    This looks amazing!!! I need to get better at making gluten free biscuits when I make br-inner (breakfast for dinner). Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Brian and Jim · November 10, 2015

      Yeah…I’m just barely starting to resume trying to make breads and things fast for weekday meals


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