Shrimp taco 

 beet slaw!  
My Spanish rice…yikes I was out of regular rice so this is wild rice and Japanese black rice cooked with spices and tomatoes…it’s actually quite yummy

Potatoes…sautéed in olive oil and spice…for potatoes tacos

Over marinated and cooked shrimps for shrimp tacos  
  I cut the base on the head and realized that it’s perfect for wraps so you can layer I. Your taco or make it into a taco without the tortilla  
Marinated carrots and radish and jalapeño

Background is avocado and o decided that this type doesn’t peel well so I gave us each a spoon to scoop


Beans, rice, potato, and shrimp

Mission Goethe free tortilla


I made him look happy!


One of my cooking helpers..


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