Food Club!

i was reading the new zingermans catalog today and saw the cheese of the month, olive oils of the month, sausage of the month, etc clubs…and I thought OMG we could have an ingredient of the month club!  Everyone could join a “of the month club,” or rotate choosing ingredients, or if they are local ingredients we can set a price limit and the chooser could ship to everyone and we take turns or whatever!

Being internet based, we could share pics and recipes each month in a yahoo group or blog or something…and if people live near each other they can do mini potlucks and share with each other and share pics and recipes!

I’m sure I am not the first person to think of it, but it’s totally knew to me and I’m excited and the first friend I told, Zinna, said “I’m in!”

We could theme a quarter like grains or brassicas , cakes, etc. or whatever we decided!

Who thinks it’s worth exploring!?!?  Maybe we call it “food friends” or “friends in food” 


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