Mushroom-nut loaf nights

Made a mushroom but loaf last night (which is one of my favorite roast like meaty dishes) and it was a fail in texture and was crumbly so today I took a piece of it and mushed it up with a little egg and a little grated cheese…   
  And made little mini meatloaves  
And the texture worked!  This ended up being the most meaty textured loaf I’ve made before

And gravy to go with the loaf and some potatoes 

The gravy was Powdered no chicken broth from whole foods bulk bins that I love with some tapioca starch stirred into olive oil.  I added a tad half and half and the rest was water…this worked out well and tasted good

My completed meatloaves

My pretty lettuce

The salad gets the tarragon vinegar and olive oil treatment

   Look close for the tiny cilantro micro greens which is code for coriander sprouts


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