Adzuki fried rice reenvisioned

Last nights leftover rice gets a new cibe with shrimp and bamboo shoots…with a side of stir fried kale and chard   

It needed more singapore to stir fry the shrimp in

And a dash of one of my new favorite things


Stir fried greens with bankok spice and red pepper flakes…elephant garlic, ginger, leftover orange pepper, and some mushrooms…veggie broth too

The shrimp get goingbwith the bamboo shoots and singapore spice


Yes, my akbar sushi pieces came to visit again




  1. Sabiscuit · March 7, 2016

    This looks tasty. Those spices must have made it a delight. ❤


    • Brian and Jim · March 7, 2016

      I love penzey’s! Last night they werent exciting enough but they matured overnight plus i kicked them up a bit with red pepper and the finger flavored franks…

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