Stuffed Red Peppers

I have already misplaced the recipe for the red pepper recipe this week…but i made it! It was an ATK recipe challenge email featuring season produce

I slightly mashed some canned garbanzos 

Added capers, lime juice, olive oil, gluten free bread crumbs, garlic and crumbled goat cheese.

Roasted the pepper

Stuffed it..added some goat cheese on top with and olive oil drizzle.

Baked it

Served it up with a pile of salad


Pulses day three

Coincidence…i had a plan inspired by kevins closet cooking but the only gluten free soy chorizo is the wrong texture…i havent made pasta in a bit so i went that route…

 First i gathered sauce ingredients:

Elephant garlic


 Gluten free pasta

Some cheese..i love this brand… Feta tastes like feta but the texture is more like jack

Salad parts:




With a canned speed it up:-)


Gluten free gnocchi with cannelini and chanterelles

continuing my holiday catch up Posts from the past two weeks ….  This was Christmas week.  I actually took the time for a mise en place as I prepped my gnocchi.  This gluten free gnocchi I buy from Amazon in a four pack which is fare less expensive than the gluten free one at sprouts or whole foods as is the olive oil that I have on Amazon subscription.  

I sautéed the elephant garlic, beans and chanterelles in olive oil with the penzeys pasta sprinkle spice mix

Boiled my gnocchi


Added the garlic greens

Added a quicks salad with olive oil and balsamic

And I had a quick weeknight dinner with minimal pots to wash

A new “meatloaf”, potato medley, green beans, gravy and biscuits – practice for tday


Lentils cooked with garlic and onions..a hint of tvp, some sunflower seeds and Worcestershire 


Add two eggs and a little cheese


Veggie “chicken broth” green beans and mushrooms


Gluten free drop biscuit recipe

I had to add extra liquid over what the recipe said…a lot more milk and olive oil (I had used butter in the recipe)


My new favorite potato recipe!  Yam, purple yam, white and German butterball


I tried the brown gravy mix and bought a case…this one is just to try it out