“Cauliflower melt”

I get all kinds of food emails and i saw a cauliflower melt recipe that inspired me…….but i only had romanesco so i kinda did things my way…and roasted sliced romanesco, a bell (that was intended to be melted into the cheese) and the leftover florets.   

While they roasted…i toasted two slices of gluten free bread 

I decided that i liked the peppers that way with some cheese instead of on the melt.

I placed my slice of romanesco on the toasted bread a d covered with cheese and put back in the oven


And there she is…salad with balsamic and olive oil, my romanesco melt with roasted florets on the side and my cheesy pepper:-)


New Year’s Day food

new years day is usually about snacks and the inevitable greens, sauerkraut, and black eyed peas.

First is a beautiful pile of a new rendition of one of my favorite appetizers.  Peppers stuffed with goat cheese, mint and cucumber.  The original recipe was for peppadews.  At Xmas I found jarred cherry peppers which were nice because of the subtle heat…and then for New Years I used jarred piquillos which were nice and gave a whole new flavor and texture (plus a wide stuffing space)   

The simmered sauerkraut hit the pan–this likes at least a three hour simmer and is even better with smoked pork or nice German sausages in the mix.  A whole bottle of dry white wine goes in, a little sugar and salt, and juniper berries, a few cloves and a few peppercorns.  A bay leaf.  This year I added some fresh thyme and Rosemarie…all of the latter to be removed before serving 

Deviled eggs!   Using vlassic new spice dills and my grandmas spice blend in top of the usual suspects of mayo, mustard and celery seed



Leftover cheese hunks from the night before (ps..I like every Cheese that wicked river makes particularly the steakhouse)…chips and Suzuki crackers and a nice dip with an avocado mixed in (try this sometime…it adds a layer of creamy flavor without distracting form the dips other flavors)

Dinner is the summer kraut, simmered kale and mushrooms in broth, and some smoky black eyed peas.