Omg….bordeaux cherry balsamic

Holy crap?   My plan was to blog my whole dinner which was yummy but last we we hit the palm springs street fair and i bought the shit!

I previously bought cranberry walnut balsamic from the Farmers Daughter from hemet at the palm springs street fair….that rocked

But the cherry is ridiculous….and wordpress just put the pics in reverse order…..and im to tired to change it

Lacto fermentation ?!?

okay…and we are off to lacto fermentation experiment number 1

I’ve made canned pickles like nobodies business but this lacto business is a whole new deal.   I’m trying it out with the help of Phat beets youth pickle company and their kit

I found these beautiful pickling cucumbers at Sprouts.

Pickling spice on the bottom and bay leaf (the recipe said to use and oak leaf or grape leaf for the tannins to help keep them crisp…I’m hoping the bay leaves work:-/?!  
I found this sea salt hanging about and I needed a NON iodized salt   
Hers the finished product (well finished for now)…I filled it with dasani as that was the only still water I had about.  Notice the bubbler air trap thingy in the lid.  That is filled with water as a trap for badness coming into my fermenting cucs.

Now we wait five days.

Day two: I’m not pleased that everything has floated up a bit … I think it’s supposed to stay submerged…I shook it but hey didn’t sink

So I opened it and shoved them down with a spoon


Next day

Tasted one.  Still crunchy. Extremely salty…not sure I can taste lactic acid pickle or just salt at this point.  Plus I kinda killed it with pickling spice.

Day three

Kids…the coriander is way over the top and a tad too much….but the saltiness is still high but oddly mellowed since yesterday.  I’m thinking tomorrow is when I will slow fermentation by adding them to the fridge…but we will see


A little scum today that I swept off….an interesting first try  

This arrived today to supplement the next attempts:-)

Anniversary lunch at Garden Wok

Chinese vegetarian with all faux meats.  We’ve been looking at this place for quite some time and came here today after the other veg Chinese place we wanted to try was closed permanently (owners retired and left a sign).

Some of the “meats” are made with gluten but the serve cook owner was very knowledgeable about what and how and what could be substituted

Yup…no liquor license:-(

Fresh seasoned cucumbers

“Chicken” with lemon sauce 

“Pork” with pickled Napa 

Flat rice noodles and veggies

Everything was good and for a change we were able to have Chinese which is really rare since the gluten sesame situation kicked in.