Olive a Sudden in Palm Springs 

In Milwaukee downtown we came across our first olive oil and vinegar tasting shop

I couldn’t buy much (doll convention, ie limited packing space) but I was entranced by the tasting and the woman working there showcasing their “favorite” combos of olive oil and balsamic and mixing them so we could try it.

There is a similar store in Palm Springs that we never seem to go by during the day when they are open….until Sunday !  I didn’t take a lot of pics but I tasted many a vinegar and oil and brought home these two which just arrived home today.


I was so consumed by tasting and looking that I forgot pics of the store

But it’s Olive a sudden 

I’m all over so many of the flavors that I could buy them all….

I didn’t sample the wild mushroom and sage 😦 but it sounds yummy…and the sherry was very good and this doesn’t even list seasonal varieties like pumpkin!

Check them out…I’m going to shop online right now 🙂


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