Gyoro-gyoro round two

my mother was in town two weeks ago and we usually hit sushi during her trips since she lives in the sushi desert…gyoro gyoro is a place we have tried in Palm Springs and now they have a location near us (they have 150 locations in Tokyo).  They have a great happy hour DAILY until 6:30 and a yelp coupon for 5 bucks off EVERY 25 spent.   So we raced home to pick her up and hit happy hour pricing . Gyoro-gyoro

Saki for her


Echigo gluten free rice beer.

Glutinous Sapporo for me


Shishito pepper with miso glaze (on the side for gluten man)

White fish and sauce on the sauce—loses its charm with no pretty presentation huh?


Yellowtail habanero sauce on side

Yakitori mushrooms


Yakitori Japanese sausages which are super tasty

Very nice roll wrapped in Cucs and gluten free…Monrovia roll


The sushi platter is on the happy hour menu and we got my mother to eat the shrimp and suck the head in pure Asian style

Three hand rolls happy hour special


Yellowtail belly

Avocado roll


These are balls wrapped in rice….they have salmon and pickled plum! Oginiri?  That’s not right but close…

The price of doing this late is I forget what foods we actually had (especially if I didn’t order them)


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