Yup, I Tried To Make Pupusas And Curtido with an ensalada rusa on the side

I have always wanted to try this and the Gluten Free & Easy magazine (from the editors of vegetarian times) had a recipe…and as I hunted for a side, ensalada rusa kept popping up as a popular Central American dish   

First the cabbage is chopped and carrots shredded and onions sliced.  Boiling water poured over all

Drained the lot and poured boiling vinegar, sugar, salt and oregano over the top and put it aside


The ensalada rusa is boiled eggs, potatoes, and mayo…plus..


Cooked beets.  Every recipe said red beets which makes the whole dish pink…but I only had golden ones so that’s what I used

Pupils a dough is super easy…masa, baking soda, salt, cumin, and water

16 balls with holes that get stuffed with corona cheese or beans


I thought I took a pic of the frying version…but nope…so they got fried in my cast iron, placed in the overnight at 230 until I was ready to serve

The hit sauce is hidden there…just puréed and simmered dry guajillo chili, fresh tomato, garlic, broth, and that’s it    

And here’s my source



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