Mushroom/lentil/nut loaf returns

 The loaf still lives on and is incarnated into a pasta sauce tonight…

Cans of tomatoes and my favorite sliced portobellos which are on my Amazon subscription by the case…


Mix me up with spices of your choice

Crumble in some loaf


Cook up some gluten free pasta

She’s done


Add a side salad with the cutest little lettuces I buy at the farmers market

Gluten free focaccia from the Palm Springs steer fair with olive oil and balsamic wrap it all up



A new “meatloaf”, potato medley, green beans, gravy and biscuits – practice for tday


Lentils cooked with garlic and onions..a hint of tvp, some sunflower seeds and Worcestershire 


Add two eggs and a little cheese


Veggie “chicken broth” green beans and mushrooms


Gluten free drop biscuit recipe

I had to add extra liquid over what the recipe said…a lot more milk and olive oil (I had used butter in the recipe)


My new favorite potato recipe!  Yam, purple yam, white and German butterball


I tried the brown gravy mix and bought a case…this one is just to try it out