“Cauliflower melt”

I get all kinds of food emails and i saw a cauliflower melt recipe that inspired me…….but i only had romanesco so i kinda did things my way…and roasted sliced romanesco, a bell (that was intended to be melted into the cheese) and the leftover florets.   

While they roasted…i toasted two slices of gluten free bread 

I decided that i liked the peppers that way with some cheese instead of on the melt.

I placed my slice of romanesco on the toasted bread a d covered with cheese and put back in the oven


And there she is…salad with balsamic and olive oil, my romanesco melt with roasted florets on the side and my cheesy pepper:-)



I’m so far behind.  Here’s a post I started two weeks ago as I frantically figured out a use for my romanesco before it aged away….there are such pretty creations with their spires… They have quite a nutty flavor    

My favorite way to cook them is a sauté – usually with mushrooms.  In this case I had dried mushrooms

Add beans and spices and voila!


My ever present daily avocado


Gluten free bread

A quick meal is born