Salad days in a heat wave

So I’ll give it a try…it’s a million degrees in the San Fernando Valley today! And with one more trip planned we haven’t shopped much, I so went cool with what I had on hand….salad stuff 
I kinda already knew that my kitchen and dining area are bad for pics but I really tried some “in progress” pictures and the lights are arranged so wherever I stand there is shadow…need to figure a work around!

So for my very few friends that will ask because they are interested:

There’s a yellow Gypsy pepper filled with tiny red lentil salad made with a couple chopped cherry tomatoes, a baby onion, curry powder wine vinegar and olive oil….that’s a keeper!  It was similar to a lentil salad I haven’t made in forever that I loved.

There’s a purple bell pepper with a quinoa salad with sherry vinegar and olive oil…fail!  The sherry vinegar was too much for the quinoa flavor

There’s a red corno do toro pepper filled with cannellini beans with Penzeys Greek spice blend and olive oil…this is a go to for me.

And the salad is homegrown tomatoe, a German butterball potato, cucumber and an avocado topped with a 60 day aged goat cheese feta from  Drake family farms and some Castelvitrano olives … topped with white balsamic and olive oil.

If I was a better man i’d have more pics!  But I had challenges

This was my sorta miss en place (but I didn’t have all my muse places well ahead of time)  
So let me get the kinks out these first few times and see how it goes:-)


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