Dos Arbolitos for Thursday 

It’s not Friday and there are no margaritas but we left work late and cooking wasn’t in the cards.  The sign says the “finest, most authentic Mexican food in town.”

But only beer and wine license 😦

   The salsa is homemade with roasted peppers in it.

Jim got the Costallitas 

And the Mole Verde for me (it’s a green pumpkin seed sauce)

This place is yummy and close to home–and without margaritas it’s a lot less expensive 🙂



  1. raberry65 · September 10, 2015

    Less expensive and yummy…sounds like a winner to me. Friday’s are for Margaritas anyway. Thursdays can be for economy and innovation 🙂 Green pumpkin seed sauce??? Looks good!

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    • Brian · September 10, 2015

      They have a few dishes with pumpkin seed sauce…kinda tasty and very different than a typical tomatillo or green chili sauce…


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