Gazpacho Saturday

i had planned on this during the hellish heat wave last week but didn’t have tomato juice.

I have a base recipe from food network…that I tweak

Basically take some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and onion and bell pepper and purée

Reserving some of each to add in for crunch later

The reserves:

Then just put all together with 1/4 cup evoo and 1/4 cup white balsamic ( I used half ginger white balsamic and half regular) and salt and pepper And tomato juice…I use low sodium and I vary the proportions to taste

It tasted fine but the color was off this time…prolly my pepper choices …

I had an avocado that needed eaten and we needed protein so on the side I had bean and avocado and a gluten free baguette

I used the natural starch from the cannellini juice with a scant amount of olive oils and red wine vinegar and my go to penzeys Greek seasoning
Ps…I grew those tamatoes!


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