El queso grande


The big cheese! Visit their website.

We have gone here many a Friday for a few reasons…

1)  “….where everyone knows your name…” It’s comfortable and the managers and servers mostly know us and know that we have special dietary issues:-)

2) we know exactly what menu items Jim can modify and what sauces he can and cannot eat, etc

3) the margaritas are good and inexpensive

The food is good…it’s somewhere in between authentic Mexican food and white bread Mexican food.

Last night we returned after a break (thanks to Kenvention shenanigans)

Staring off with the margaritas:

(Yep…he’s taking a pic of his marg)
I always start with a Top shelf which is a Cadillac with premium silver tequila (I’m blanking on the label) no salt

Second round is Grand Don which is a Cadillac with Don Julio reposado 

Last night Jim opted for meat..,carnitas

And I did shrimp enchilada

Through like 9 years, we’ve sampled all or most of the menu items and now are down to just the regulars that we know we like or that aren’t too huge to consume ( I always clean my plate…that’s ingrained from childhood)

Looking at our last trip, got the tres enchiladas (supposed to be one chicken with a sour cream sauce, one cheese with rancheros sauce, and one pork with verde but I modify and ditch the chicken and get an additional pork) and Jim got carnitas again!  Do the pics look the same?

Wow!  They are identical almost…that’s consistency….which is why we go back—we know what to expect:-)


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