Farmers Market Finds

  after a break of a couple weeks we hit one of our local farmers markets today and the first thing I found was tiny pea sized eggplants (that I thought I took a picture of but since I can’t find it, I guess it was a fail.
 I didn’t buy them because I was confused if they truly were eggplant but this is some of what I found online:


Eggplant varieties
It appears that there are several varieties of tiny eggplant…. Pea sized and green to red in color and usually very bitter (so probably a good thing I didn’t buy).

But my favorite avocado…the reeds are still in season
And they had western hole.  


 There is still plenty of corn, tomatoes and eggplant to be had.

  Corn from Underwood family farms


I grabbed some baby butter and baby romaine lettuces from Maggie’s farm

There was also fresh ginger and jujube

(I did buy some baby jicama that you see next to the jujube)… I’ve yet to try the jujube.

I also did a restock of the cheese supply from Spring hill jersey cheese
And caught up with the owner of our fav fresh salsa stand Salsa Poblanos as mentioned on chowhound. See the chowhound nod to salsa poblanos 

Okay….i think that was it this week.


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