Winter squash time has come

I’ve never been big on winter squash except for butternut which I grew more than I could handle last year.  Thanks to my farm fresh to you subscription, I owned a Hubbard … I have never cooked a Hubbard before.  But I have now.  I also included a new (to me) try at a butternut that I made tonight.

So I looked online and found that the “best way” to eat a Hubbard is roasted and I followed that recipe until:

I peaked and it looked like this.  So I went to plan b.  Mashed!

While it was still warm I added some shredded 3 year aged cheddar and cumin…paired it with mashed potatoes and some white bean burger patties topped with tomato/shiitake sauce.

Tonight was a butternut.   I read that I’ve been struggling too much to peel it. Slice off the ends, then use a peeler on the whole thing, cut in half width wise right where the skinny and fat parts meet, cut the ends lengthwise and sees them and then cube

I used the kale and butternut recipes I say online and used the collards I had on hand

Plus a can of garbanzos for protein…seasoned with chipotle and penzeys mural of flavor

I have a kabocha and a butternut waiting to be cooked next….


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