Cleaning out the fridge…

Being out of town left me with a surplus of veggies to consume before they go bad and they need gone before I need the shelf space for a new batch so I’m doing veggie overload meals

 Tonight is a potato/squash/leak mini casserole with salad and orzo/cannellini 

Last night was intended to be a stack but didn’t end up that way…a potato party topped with roasted squash, a portobello with greens and some roasted carrots


Pretty basic 

The salad ended up dressed with penzeys Greek seasoning which always makes the most fantastic dressing…on the side is a little of the giant beans imported from Greece I bought marinated in tomato

Carrots and zucchini roasted with an olive oil spray   
The potato patties were leftover mashed potatoes I mixed with two eggs and fries in olive oil

The greens were leftovers too…just chard and kale sautéed with some elephant garlic and pepper.

Tonight is more complex (especially since I forgot to turn on the oven)

The mini casseroles are zucchini, German butterball, and leak topped with egg and cream and another layer of zucchini and 3yr aged cheddar ( the photo is mid build) with some penzeys Italian herbs…

The orzo is mail order and I’ve never tried it before


The stuff surely is full of starch because the water becomes thick as syrup…and the box says to rinse AFTER cooking

The orzo was combined with my favorite beans and a jarred tapenade 


I loved my mini casseroles and the orzo so those will be made again!



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