Today’s food finds

Fall has encroached upon us and wreaked havoc on my food seeking adventures…and has left me feeling kinda unenthused about cooking.

I started my Saturday with Starbucks on the way to the  Santa Monica farmers market Saturday….upon arrival I notice there isn’t a single avocado anywhere which is sad for me who eats one daily if we are home

Lots of green this time of year….herbs chards Bok choi broccoli….a splash of color with the purple basil here…and the asparagus is now arriving  

   I did get some baby romaines but no baby butter
  Look!  Baby eggplants!!!  
It’s also squash season and I’m sure I already have more squash than Jim can handle

  Delicious dates   
Yep…I did restock on the raw goat feta and mozzarella


Jims favorite berries are way out of season but it appears that they have been preserved to sustain him through the winter months

From there we went to Penzeys Santa Monica store where I had two coupons for free cocoa and free curry plus they had a sale that you got free smoked paprika or chili 3000 if you spent 25 dollars…

My finds were:

The bags were to replenish my supply for things I know I love, of course the three free jars, then I usually try things out with the small jar, if I like it, I buy the big jar, then if we use it a lot I upgrade to the bag.

Made a trip by the Santa Monica whole foods and look what’s in season:

My mood wasn’t great today so I didn’t buy one but these guys were perfect. Perfectly small sprouts:-)

I’m gearing myself for a long boring food winter…

Tomorrow is my nutty mushroom loaf:-)


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