Mushroom Nut Loaf

I’ve been making this yummy loaf for years.  I followed a recipe once and have winged it since.   It’s mushrooms (I used a mixture of whatever is managers special because they are getting chopped so they don’t need to be pretty) and nuts (I use what’s handy… This time was sunflower seeds and hazelnuts) chopped up (this was the first try in the vitamin so it’s less chunky then normal).

I threw a small onion and a few dried tomatoes in with the nuts and mushrooms   
Add like a cup Of breadcrumbs

  A cup of grated cheese, one egg and seasonings of choice.  Tonight I added penzeys mural of flavor, roasted garlic and Italian herb blend

Slap it in a loaf pan (ps…I don’t like this silicone one…the sides bow out if you fill it full and cooked in grease never comes off so it doesn’t look pretty) that is oiled and bake at 3:50 until it’s done.


About 1 hour and 15 minutes it was firm enough that I knew the inside wasn’t mushy and I pulled it out


Flip it out

I usually do a tomato topping like meatloaf but I’m gonna try out this gluten free gravy mix that I picked up at Sprouts


My inspiration recipe came from here




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