Nye Eats

Looks like I got more booze shots than food.

It was a whirlwind…home from work at 6:05 and guests at 7

A cheese array and selection of crackers both regular and gluten free.  A cheese fondue which you see melting and gluten free baguettes, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes and cornichons, a homemade dip with penzeys Tuscan sunset….shrimp and homemade cocktail sauce…and voila!  I didn’t get to my other planned dishes but this worked  

The plan was to play Game of Thrones Risk but devolved into a couple random card games and idle chatter

Maria brought us a nice pink hello kitty sparkler which I paired with a splash of Pama for Maria and Jim 


While Ryan and I killed two bottles of Take the Black stout in my new Game of Thrones steins…chased by the enjoy after 12/26/15 seen below

Then Ryan and I had jalapeño margarita with the most awesome mix ever! And we used a reposado  


Yes, besides the game of thrones steins, everything else was drank from Barbie glasses

That sparkling Syrah was very very nice!


The subsequent pictures have been censored.


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