Breakfast at our favorite El Mirasol in Palm Springs

 Bloody Maria to start with…of course..chased with a coffee  
Huevos divorciados for me…homemade tortillas on the side

Huevos rancheros for Jim   

The breakfast/brunch drink menu

The brunch menu….no of the sauces use thickeners made of gluten—rice flour!   And they even have gluten free pancakes


Valentines Day in Palm Springs

Our 18th valentines day…at pommes frites in palm springs    
  A favorite flemish ale:  

Prix fixe vday dinner

Beets napolean:

Shrimp salad

A yummy new beer:


Potato croquettes, filet, shrimp


Jims gluten free version with mashed instead of croquettes (the mashed has nutmeg…tasty)


Grand marnier creme brulee:




Gyoro-gyoro round two

my mother was in town two weeks ago and we usually hit sushi during her trips since she lives in the sushi desert…gyoro gyoro is a place we have tried in Palm Springs and now they have a location near us (they have 150 locations in Tokyo).  They have a great happy hour DAILY until 6:30 and a yelp coupon for 5 bucks off EVERY 25 spent.   So we raced home to pick her up and hit happy hour pricing . Gyoro-gyoro

Saki for her


Echigo gluten free rice beer.

Glutinous Sapporo for me


Shishito pepper with miso glaze (on the side for gluten man)

White fish and sauce on the sauce—loses its charm with no pretty presentation huh?


Yellowtail habanero sauce on side

Yakitori mushrooms


Yakitori Japanese sausages which are super tasty

Very nice roll wrapped in Cucs and gluten free…Monrovia roll


The sushi platter is on the happy hour menu and we got my mother to eat the shrimp and suck the head in pure Asian style

Three hand rolls happy hour special


Yellowtail belly

Avocado roll


These are balls wrapped in rice….they have salmon and pickled plum! Oginiri?  That’s not right but close…

The price of doing this late is I forget what foods we actually had (especially if I didn’t order them)

El patron-tofu burrito and margs 

I’m still playing catch up.  My mom came for a visit and wanted Mexican so we passed on the Friday ritual of el Queso Grande and went to Salsa and Beer who had a wait at 7 pm on a Tuesday so off to El patron .  Who tends to have great margaritas and sketchy service and used to have an extensive veg menu.  About a year ago they revised the menu and rebranded to become a gastro-cantina and elimates the awesome cauliflower relleno ….but they have a tofu burrito that rocks.


The ultimate Cadillac 

Mango on fire!


My mother with the salt less house marg on the rocks


Who can resist made to order table side guac?!?

My surprisingly good tofu burrito…they have a few dishes that you have choice of protein which includes a tofu option


Huevos rancheros

A quesadilla with fillings that I have forgotten


One of our last 2015 meals.:-)

Palm Springs eats revisited In December

 Back to Palm Springs for four days of work…so we eat….this is round one at blue coyote  

Crabmeat relleno for me

Carnitas for jim  


Right outside the door


Back to our fave…el mirasol and we are outside on the patio


This is a custom dish…it’s a shrimp with tomatillo sauce with Dona Diablo sauce added for some spice    

I think it is carnitas….

Flash forward to Wednesday and it’s our love Tropicale and our fav server remember Ed us and my Fiery Dragon low on the sweet


And a coconut martini for him of course

Gluten free pizza appy 


She so did not want her picture taken


Giant shrimp and a filet on potatoes….the least inspired dish I have ever had here



Some crazy ass snickers cake that was gluten free and quite yummy

Palm Springs street fair findings….and the sample was seriously spicy

Love this stuff


After the street fair it’s time for a trip to pommes frites…tres Belgique, non?

Always start with the affligem 


Not for the true vegs!!!!  Tar tar!   But it was yummy:-)


Next round saint bernarbus

My mussels with mustard cream sauce


And of course, the pommes frites with three sauces

Today’s eats…gyoro gyoro Encino location

I’m so behind everyone…work insanity, thanksgiving plus out of town work insanity.

But we are back and hit gyoro-gyoro izakaya on the way home from today’s outings.   We have been to the Palm Springs location a couple times…they have 150 restaurants in Tokyo and are venturing into the states….Japanese bar food.  
They are one of the few places that stock echigo rice beer which by default has no gluten


Yellowtail and jalapeño are on the daily happy hour menu:-)


Shishito!   On the happy hour menu too!   They are served with a Carmelites miso which was unique 


Veggie roll!

Uni hand roll    

Shiitake yakitori 

Rainbow roll


Kuroboto sausage yakitori and chicken liver yakitori…..and here we popped into meat eater zone.

Extra nice that yelp had a check in coupon of 5 dollars off every 25 dollars you spend

Phobulous Sunday 

It was sunny and warm today and then big black clouds rolled in and drizzled rain and the temp dropped to 60 (yup)….so it was time for want food for lunch.  Pho 999 to the rescue!   
I don’t have the gluten issue so I am free to have beer:-)

 We have just the shrimp…no pork.

Rice noodles and lettuce inside rice paper…no gluten here

I get the veggie and tofu pho

I told you it was cold…everything is better with some kick

Jim of course had beefy traditional pho…but had the veggie broth so it doesn’t taste as “beefy”……

El Cholo, Los Angeles, the original

 It’s been like 20 years since I have been to El Cholo…near USC it used to be a frequent place to eat…I swear to this day I sat at the table next to George Takei one night…but I digress…

Returning from the doll show in Orange County Sunday and I was mulling over non valley spots to dine and then the 101 was closed north of the 10 which caused the 5 to get gnarly causing me to hop on the 10 and el cholo became the obvious choice…

I’ve always loved the original menus on display with 1920s prices (no pics today, but like a nickel for a taco…)

I got the Cadillac which is made from a house bottled mix (which they sell)

And Jim got the pineapple-Serrano.  This puppy had a nice burn on the way down

Enchilada mariscos for me….lobster scallop and shrimp with a nice sauce

Jim got the “special” mariscos fajitas 

(Did you notice the green rice)


This is Jim looking sad because we missed the seasonal green corn tamale by a week  

If you have ever been to el cholo, you know they wrap up the meal with house made pralines


Nice flashbacks today from my earlier years 🙂

Check them out online


Sushi Sunday 

we are way behind in our usual sushi consumption and after our lunch date stood us up….I figure let’s have some sushi!

   Cho Cho San is super close to our house and tasty and busy enough to justify their goodness
 For starters we had shishitos without soy sauce

And Hokkaido scallop carpaccio

Followed by spicy scallop hand roll

Black snapper

  A “hurricane” roll
And sashimi sampler

  And bam!  Saw people we knew at the sushi bar