93- garlic scape pesto

What to do with the scapes before they go bad!?! Tonight i opted for a garlic scape pesto

Some broccolini

Some gluten free orzo

And some orange roughy

And heres our meal


Arancini and shrimp meatballs…for super bowl

From the silver palate, i am making arancini…and from my brain, shrimp meatballs.

Raw peeled and deveined shrimp in the vitamix

Maybe a little too vitamixed.

I added some gluten free bread crumbs and lemon juice…dill, salt

Meatball shaped, dipped in bread crumbs.  Put it in the freezer …

Brought them back out and up to temp and fried

Finished off in oven

TVP soaked in tomato andWorcestershire and vitamixed 

Draining the rice before mixing in butter and parmesan

Omg…i could stop here…buttery/parmesany rish rice cooling and drying.

Rolled up, filled with a piece ofmozzarella and tvp/tomato mix…then dipped in egg and then gluten free flour

Aperol spritz for jim and campari spritz for me

Pasta with chard and the shrimp meatballs

Egg noodle gluten free pasta was a fail.

Shrimp meatballs were perfect and arent so delivate icant sauce them better

Arancini…smaller next time.  But thatnrice was wonderful, i really did learn a new technique.

Pulses day three

Coincidence…i had a plan inspired by kevins closet cooking but the only gluten free soy chorizo is the wrong texture…i havent made pasta in a bit so i went that route…

 First i gathered sauce ingredients:

Elephant garlic


 Gluten free pasta

Some cheese..i love this brand… Feta tastes like feta but the texture is more like jack

Salad parts:




With a canned speed it up:-)


Mushroom/lentil/nut loaf returns

 The loaf still lives on and is incarnated into a pasta sauce tonight…

Cans of tomatoes and my favorite sliced portobellos which are on my Amazon subscription by the case…


Mix me up with spices of your choice

Crumble in some loaf


Cook up some gluten free pasta

She’s done


Add a side salad with the cutest little lettuces I buy at the farmers market

Gluten free focaccia from the Palm Springs steer fair with olive oil and balsamic wrap it all up